123movies is a portal where you will find different movies and TV shows to watch for free directly from your browser, without registering

In order to be able to watch movies online for free on the Internet, there are various alternatives, from Pordede to Netflix, and now 123movies . This website allows to play all kinds of titles without registering as a user (although you can do this to use additional options).

Old and new movies, sorted by several criteria

This site offers us various ways to find films of interest to us:

  • Genre.
  • Country of origin.
  • Ratings in IMDb.
  • Alphabetical order.

    It even comes with an inquiry box in case you cannot find what you are looking for.

    TV Show Corner

    How could it be otherwise, television fiction also occupies a prominent place . There are dozens and dozens of TV shows available on this site to play without any problems.

    Both old and new movies and TV shows.

    If you are a registered user, in addition to being able to take advantage of the opportunities that others do, you will also be able to make lists of films and a profile for identification on the Internet.